About Our Library
The Collins-Callaway Library is a 35,000 square foot, multi-purpose, two level modern facility located on the corners of Fifteenth St., Central Ave., and Oak St. in downtown Augusta, GA.   the library is named in honor of Dr. Daniel A Collins, PhD., 1936 alumnus of Paine College, and Reverend Dr. Morgan Callaway, D.D.

C-C Library

Dr. Collins was a dentist, a professor, an author, a businessman, and a civil rights activist.  He also was the Paine College Board of Trustees Chairman between 1970 and 1996.     Dr. Callaway was a clergyman, an educator, administrator,  but, most importantly, the first President of Paine College (1882-1884).

The Collins-Callaway Library seeks to prepare students for lifelong learning by providing scholarly resources and instruction in the use of those resources. Students, faculty, and staff have full privileges to use the services and resources of the Library upon presentation of a current Paine College identification.

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Paine College operates an academic Library/Learning Resources Center that provides broad support to the College’s educational program.  The Library/LRC acquires and maintains adequate and appropriate print, non-print, and computer technology resources which support the College’s commitment to global information, the general core of studies, and the specialized content courses leading to the bachelor’s degree.  The Library/LRC is also committed to the provisioning of a comprehensive system of services designed to facilitate effective study, and scholastic achievement.  Furthermore, the Library/LRC supports teaching and instruction, and strengthens faculty access to relevant materials in their fields of specialization.  the physical facility which houses the Library/LRC provides an environment that is conducive to study, and enables the College to fulfill its obligations to students, faculty, and staff relative to  the overall institutional mission and purpose.

Provide the scholarly resources and services characteristic of a premier liberal arts academic library; and sustain the institution’s heritage through the preservation of its archives and documents.

Strategic Goals
Create a welcoming environment for student learning and collaboration.
Integrate information literacy into the curriculum.
Provide appropriate informational and technological resources for faculty and students at the time and point of need.
Apply library best practices to our operations.
Support professional growth and development of library faculty and staff.

The Library is named for Dr. Daniel A. Collins, a 1936 graduate of Paine College and former Chair of the Board of Trustees, and Dr. Morgan Callaway, the first President of the College. The facility is a spacious two-story building housing a variety of book collections, equipment, individual and group study areas, computer and production laboratories, and classrooms. The first floor contains library collections, quiet and group study areas, and computers available to access extensive resources online. The Learning Resources Center, on the second floor of the Library, includes open computer labs, electronic classrooms, a production/media lab and classrooms. Wireless access is available throughout the building.

The physical collections of the Library include books, periodicals, indexes, archival materials, and an African-American collection. Extensive electronic resources of indexes and full-text books and periodical articles are available to students twenty-four hours a day, whether on or off campus. Librarians and staff are available to assist library users in person or by phone, email, or through instructional sessions.

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