College Dress Codes


Morehouse College has seen fit to invoke a dress code on its men.

Source: College Dress Codes – Admit This!

Paine College’s Dress Code:

The Dress Code Policy is designed to assist students in making important and appropriate decisions regarding attire for various aspects of daily living to include classroom, business, special events, job search, etc. With an understanding that an individual’s choice of dress often directly reflects current trends, individuality and personality, this policy is not intended to unfairly restrict or eliminate individuality or creativity in dress. Contrarily, the policy allows a wide range of fashion expression that positively reflects the individual, the College and the Paine Personality. Although the College respects students’ rights to individual expression, its mission is to prepare young men and women for the professional workplace and to promote those standards, which reflect good taste. Paine College students are expected to practice good hygiene, which includes wearing clean and appropriate clothing at all times.

The following guidelines should be observed at all times:

1. For the classroom, library, offices, and all chapel assembly, and following the code will be in effect:

a. Females should be dressed in dresses, pantsuits, skirts, blouses, slacks/jeans, shorts, sweat suits, and shoes or sandals.

b. Dresses, skirts, and shorts should be no more than 6 inches above the knee.

c. Males should be dressed in slacks/jeans, shorts, shirts, sweaters, sports coats, sweat suit, and shoes or sandals (No A-shirts, aka tank tops).

d. Sweat suits are acceptable, with the exception of see through type sweat suits.

2. The following articles have been deemed inappropriate attire in the dining hall, classroom, chapel and any other college-sponsored activities:

a. Hair rollers or bonnets

b. Pajamas or robes

c. See through shirts, blouses, dresses, or muscle-type shirts

d. Sheer tops (without coordinating tank top underneath)

e. Clothing that reveals flesh between the shoulder and upper thigh – no “belly shirts” or halter tops.

f. Hats and caps (it is requested that males remove these items upon entering all indoor facilities) – no “durags”, wave caps, etc

g. Wearing pants below the waistline

h. See through garments work with only lingerie

i. Undershirts worn as an outer garment

j. House slippers

k. Outer garments that reveal excessive cleavage, buttocks, waist or back

l. Bathing suit tops

m. Tube tops

n. Tops and dresses with spaghetti straps (unless a blouse or cardigan is worn over it)

3. General assemblies and special programs, such as, Opening Convocation, Thanksgiving Assembly, Christmas Assembly, Founders Day Convocation, Religious Emphasis Week, Honors Day Assembly, Lyceum Programs, Pageants and Coronation require business or business casual dress.

4. For events, such as, Pageants, Coronation and holiday meals, church and semi-formal attire are appropriate unless otherwise noted.

5. Wednesdays are designated as Career “Dress for Success” Days. Students are requested to dress as career professionals. This allows the opportunity to prepare for the future where career dress is standard daily attire.

6. The enforcement of the Paine College dress code is incumbent upon administration, faculty, students and staff at all times to preserve the integrity and religious heritage of the College

7. Students who refuse to adhere to the College Dress Code Policy may be denied entrance into, or asked to leave an event. Because of our concern for the Student Body, while embracing and encouraging the “Paine Personality” faculty and/or staff of the College may exercise the practice of addressing students who violate the College policies and may refer the student to the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management. The College reserves the right to modify or make necessary changes (in whole or part) to all rules and regulations. Students are expected to be familiar with any modifications made through any administrative department of the College such as, supplements to the Paine College Handbook, Paine College Catalog, etc.

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