The Secrets of Savings Money: Experiencing the Unlimited
Written By: Breanna Colon

Everyone likes to save money, but very few like to go through the process necessary to get there. So, I dedicated this book to those who like money just enough to want to know how to keep it. No matter what your financial goal is, whether it be saving for a car, house, or emergencies or just trying to get out of debt, implementing the strategies you will learn in this book will allow you to free up some money and get you on the path to experiencing the unlimited.  | Update: Amazon has this book in Kindle and Paperback format!  Follow this link: |

the_secrets4We live in a box financially and the box was created by our mindset. Many people struggle with just this area alone. For many people, the struggle started when we were young because we weren’t taught how to save money, but quickly learned how to spend it. As children, many received money for birthdays, Christmas, allowance, etc. and suddenly, the money was gone as fast as it was received. Consequently, those same people become adults and the bad habits continue. Many acquire their first pay check as a full-time employee and don’t have a clue what to do with it. For many families, it’s been a generational curse that has continued to pass down for years and they keep moving on the hamster wheel with no end in sight. Bad habits are often easy to start but hard to quit, but with God all things are possible. It starts with your mindset.

The book seeks to address the following areas:

Savings: Many Americans struggle with the simple concept of saving money. Whether it be for emergency, vacation, or retirement; many people find themselves constantly coming up short. The book will address these issues along with tips to get started saving for now and in the future.
Saving Money on your Mortgage: Learn about the best strategies for paying off your mortgage early and cutting the interest without breaking the bank.If you are a homeowner who is underwater on your mortgage find out how to get in a position to refinance and alleviate your mortgage stress.

Saving Money on your Student Loan: Who wants to pay on their student loan as a life sentence? Learn specific strategies to help rid you of your student loan in a lot less time and less cost than you think.

Saving Money on your Groceries & Gas: It is a fact that the average person has to buy groceries and gas on a regular basis. For some, it may be monthly and others, it may be twice per month or weekly. No matter the frequency, why pay full price if you don’t have to? Learn how to take advantage of the multiple resources for coupons, sales, and gas rewards programs to not only trim your grocery budget, but also pay less for the already low gas prices (gas discounts are limited to grocery stores and other companies that offer rewards programs).

Saving Money on your Business Expenses: Everyday, someone starts a new business, and many entrepreneurs don’t survive. Whether you’re new to business or well established, you will benefit from the tips and strategies in this book that have saved me money over the years. From office supplies to office snacks and fax, there are options and resources available for you to save money.

Saving Money on your Church Expenses: Churches & Non-Profit organizations survive from the generous giving of others. And because most of the revenue generates from donations, which can fluctuate from year to year and sometimes month to month, maintaining low operating costs is essential to good financial stability. This book offers plenty of examples and advice for lowering the cost in a growing ministry or organization.

Saving Money on your Auto Loan: More and more roads are being built, which means accommodations for more and more drivers. Most people who drive will have at least 1 auto loan in their life time. Having a loan of any kind also equals paying extra money on top of the original cost. Why pay more than you have to? Learn a simple strategy to get out of the traditional mindset of paying on a loan for the full loan term. Pay it off sooner without breaking the bank.

Saving Money on your Utilities: If you live in a home, you likely have an electric and possibly a gas bill. Our traditional mindset causes us to go with the flow and use the electric company that is widely used by the county. However in many cities, the deregulation of energy has taken place that now allows you to have a choice of electric/gas providers. Learn more about what is available to you for savings on your utilities. How would it feel to receive a check in the mail from your electric company? In some states, this may be possible.

Activities, Department Stores & The Military: Discounts,discounts, and more discounts! If you like to go to the movies, shows, or go shopping, or if you are affiliated with the military, this chapter will put a smile on your face as you learn how to take advantage of how to get more and pay less.

Prayerfully, the strategies outlined in this book will be a blessing to millions around the world as we move towards getting better in the “Mindset” Movement.

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