Fast, Expensive And Worth It?


Article written by Alfred Poor


Courtesy: Ryan Ozawa, under Flickr Creative Commons

Fast, Expensive And Worth It?

By Rogelio Colon, Jr.

The cover story for PC Magazine’s February 14, 1989 release was titled “Fast, Expensive and Worth IT!” written by Alfred Poor, lead me to think about how many of these computers would equate to a modern-day Apple© watch? Then again, in 1989 computers didn’t have GPS, Bluetooth, built-in phones and phone service, nor Wi-Fi. “The Hulk©” wouldn’t even wear one on his wrist!  A single, 1989, $10,000 state-of-the-art computer boasted having 2 megabytes of Random Access Memory which equals .002 gigabytes, and stored 300 megabytes of information. An Apple© Watch has 512 Megabytes RAM and stores 8 gigs. It’s safe to say that modern-day computers are at least 1000 times faster than an average late eighties computer, and carry almost 2000 times the amount of storage by default, and are 20 times cheaper.  Oh, one more thing: the 1989, $10,000 computer couldn’t handle internet, because the world-wide-web protocol was created in 1990!


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