Dr. Daniel A. Collins, Paine College Alumnus

Dr Collins in Color2
Dr. Daniel Andrew Collins: Dentist, Oral Pathologist, Educator, Entrepreneur, Researcher

By Rogelio Colon, Jr.

The Collins-Callaway Library is named after two very prominent society members: Dr. Morgan Callaway, the first president for Paine Institute from 1882-1884.  Dr. Daniel Andrew Collins was a Paine College graduate (1936), and later, a dentist and a popular Civil Rights Activist.


U.S. Census 1920 for Darlington, SC shows Andrew Collins as Head of Household at 50 years old.  Listed along with Andrew are his wife, Lucille (38), his daughter, Andrena (11), his son, Daniel (4, listed as C.D.), and Lucille’s son Elliott Turnage (16).

Product of Darlington County, South Carolina

     Dr. Collins was born in Darlington, South Carolina on January 11, 1916. Darlington County well-known for its cotton and tobacco production. His father, Andrew Sumner Collins, was a farmer in the early 1900’s, then a ‘house mover’ and ‘heavy equipment operator’ from 1920-1940. Andrew was the son of  William S. and Andrena, and was born on October 15, 1869.

Andrew married Rosa around 1896 and they had one son, Waldo in Oct. 1897. Rosa died in 1905. Andrew then married Lucille Miller in 1906 and they had one daughter, Andrena in 1909 and one son, Daniel in 1916. Together, they supported Lucy’s son from a previous marriage, Elliott Turnage.

 Dr. Collin’s Timeline

10/15/1869 – Andrew Sumner Collins, son of William S. Collins, father of Dr. Daniel A. Collins, was born.

US Census, 1870 for Marion County, SC, Wahoo Township. Andrew Collins, who is Daniel’s father is listed as an ‘8/12th’ year old.


In the U.S. 1900 Census, Dr.  , Andrew S. is married to Lucille Miller, and stepson Elliott Turnage resided with them.

01/11/1916 –  Dr. Daniel S. Collins was born in Darlington, South Carolina
11/17/1919 – DeReath James, wife of Dr. Daniel A. Collins, was born in Charleston City, West Virginia.
4/10/1930 – Appears in U.S. Census 1930 for Darlington, SC as 14 yr old; parents Andrew (60), and Lucy (48).

04/10/1930 – Wife, DeReath, appears in Charleston City, Kanawha, WV 1930 Census, ten years old, daughter of Edward and Stella.Collins_1930_Census_Dereath

05/01/1936 – Earned a B.S. in Chemistry at Paine College, Augusta, GA
04/06/1940 – Wife, DeReath, appears in Institute, Kanawha, WV 1940 Census, twenty years old, daughter of Edward and Stella.
01/01/1941 – Received a Certificate in Children’s Dentistry from the Guggenheim Dental Clinic in New York City, NY.
05/01/1941 – Earned a D.D.S. degree, Summa Cum Laud, from Meharry Medical College, Nashville, TN
06/01/1941 – Married DeReath Curtis James
01/01/1942 – Assistant Professor , Bay Area Dental Practice College of Dentistry, University of California, San Francisco (first African-American) until 1960.
01/01/1944 – Earned an M.S. Degree in Dentistry from the School of Dentistry University of California in San Francisco.
01/01/1946 – Founded the San Francisco Chapter of the Urban League, later called the Bay Area Urban League.
12/06/1953 –  Andrew S. Collins, father of Dr. Daniel A. Collins, passed away.
01/01/1954 – Along with his wife, DeReath C. James , helped form the Marin Aid to Retarded Children (MARC), also known as “Lifehouse”.
01/01/1956 – Entered U.S. Army Reserves as Oral Pathologist at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Wash DC.
01/01/1958 – Received a Certificate from the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology
01/01/1958 – Became a Diplomat of the American Board of Oral Pathology
01/01/1958 – Ended service as Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, and was honorably discharged
05/01/1958 – Founded the San Francisco Chapter of the National Urban League
06/18/1959 – In Jet Magazine: Co-Owner Seeks to Close San Francisco Newspaper. Was in monetary dispute with Dr. Carlton B. GoodlettNtlUrbanLg04
01/01/1960 – California Governor Edmund Brown appointed Dr. Collins to the California State Board of Education
01/01/1960 – Dr. Collins resigned from University of California to engage in his full-time private practice.
01/01/1960 – Became Co-Director of the Comprehensive Dental Health Care Project, Mount Zion Hospital, San Francisco, CA
12/01/1963 – Resigned from California State Board of Health (Note: Pres. John F. Kennedy’s assassination was on November 22).
01/01/1965 – National Urban League board member
06/01/1967 – Authored “Your Teeth: A Handbook of Dental Care for the Whole Family” Doubleday and Co., Inc., NYC, NY
01/01/1969 – Along with his wife, actively promoted the passage of the Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Services act of 1969
04/01/1971 – Appears in Ebony Magazine April 1971 issue, page 6 as Executive Director, Urban Education Division, H.B.J. Inc, San Francisco.NtlUrbanLg051
01/01/1972 – Worked in Harcourt, Brace, and Jovanovich’s Division of Urban Education, part-time (science book editing)
01/01/1973 – National Urban League Vice-Chairman
01/01/1976 – Dr. Collins closed his private practice.
02/01/1976 – Became President of Harcourt, Brace, and Jovanovich’s Division of Urban Education.
01/01/1981 – Retired from work.
02/01/1981 – Paine College Chairman of the Board of Trustees
01/01/1989 – Received the Whitney M. Young Jr. Award from the National Urban League
01/01/1995 – University of California in San Francisco named Dr. Collins a Distinguished Alumnus.
01/01/2003 – Wife, DeReath, passes away after being diagnosed with cancer.
01/01/2003 – Named Local Hero by San Francisco PBS television station KQED,
01/01/2005 – National Urban League inaugurated the Daniel A. Collins Award for Distinguished Volunteer Service to the movement.
09/13/2007 – Dr. Daniel A. Collins passed away at his Mill Valley home in California, at 91 years old. He was survived by sons Daniel, Edward, Charles, and Craig, six grand-children, and three great-grandchildren.



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